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Shepard’s Way is proof that things happen in the right place, at the right time and for the right reasons. It’s been underlined from day one with how this dynamic project began, to a striking moment with the perfect song, and resulting in the joining of two musicians not only as a group but as husband and wife.

Doug Shepard has been a musician for most of his life, first picking up a guitar at age 8 before playing talent shows, schools dances and clubs while he was still in high school. The biggest breakthrough, however, came as Doug discovered his own spirituality and was led to share his faith through music.

“I realized that I wanted to share what God did in my life through songs,” he explains.

And with this renewed sense of purpose, Doug began working with producer/engineer Jeff Diehl (credits include MCA Records, Sony/Epic Records) to shape a new solo album.

But something more emerged as Doug started to collaborate with songwriter and vocalist Anna Martinez for the project.

Growing up surrounded by music, Anna knew from an early age that she wanted to become a singer. Influenced by a range of classics – from Motown and country stars to blues, Latino and rock music – Anna immersed in a variety of styles while discovering her own unique voice. And in parallel with Doug Shepard’s discovery, Anna also realized the power that music could have in sharing her Christian faith

So it’s no surprise that Doug and Anna’s collaboration sparked instant chemistry.

“Anna’s soulful voice and songwriting talent added the missing element to the music I was writing,” Doug says

And while the pair built on the songs that Doug had been recording for his solo project, SHEPARD’S WAY was born.

Doug & Anna were motivated to convey God’s powerful message of never-ending hope as they combined to craft spiritually strong songs. The result has become the band’s first album Believe.

Christian music today is about helping people move forward in a positive direction, wherever they are in their lives,” Anna describes. “These songs have been crafted to reach listeners in a way that is familiar and instills the message that Jesus, our Savior, is always with us and for us.”

As dynamic performers, Doug and Anna have an ability to deliver captivating musical moments throughout the album that help usher listeners into God’s presence. Compelling musical parts are blended together in ways that make the songs easy to sing along with, yet in ways that are not predictable in form.

The album’s soulful messages are powered by driving melody, rock energy and pop hooks which allow their audience to freely worship God uninhibited. Title track “I Believe” jump-starts the collection, filled with unique instrumentation and melodies that resonate in a natural way. The song was one that came to Doug in a dream.

“I saw myself on a huge outdoor stage in a sold-out stadium,” Doug describes. “As I picked up my guitar and stepped to the mic, out came the chorus of the song. I immediately saw the impact on the audience. As soon as I woke up, I went to the studio to record a demo of what I had heard in my dream.”

This marked a turning point that gave life to the album title Believe.

Other songs throughout the album including “Forever Praise You” and “For Loving Me” draw from the duo’s personal experiences, while tracks like “Rise” and “Only A God Like You” detail individual stories.

Through their songs, Shepard’s Way speaks to a wide range of fans across generational lines. At the heart of their music is a message about God’s love and grace that is available for all who desire to receive it.

And a consistent theme remains throughout the new album: “All things are possible with God” (Mark 9:23)

The possibilities are endless for Shepard’s Way as they deliver their message of hope by sharing Believe with the masses. It’s now an exciting time for the band as they embark on the next stage in their development as music ministers for Christ.




ShepardswayCD WEB 2

After 2 years of writing, producing and experimenting we are proud to release our 1st studio album, BELIEVE. The very title of our album signifies our faith and hope we have in Jesus Christ our Lord. With God all things are possible if you just Believe (Mark 9:23)


Purchase Believe CD (Disc Format) for only 14.00. Shipping is free!!! Order Your Copy Today!!!


 “This inspirational album is a work of pure joy. Each song is an uplifting performance and devoted to the love of God. This album does not fit into the traditional gospel genre, as Shepard’s Way has skillfully added elements of rock that draws the listener into each song’s deeply felt message. I have gleefully shared this album with many of my friends in Christ.” ChrisMues- Dec 8, 2014
“This is a very heartfelt group of meaningful songs written with the intention of spreading the Gospel of Jesus. Mr. Shepard uses his creativity of chord changes, melodic ideas, and an understated yet effective guitar virtuosity to lead us to focus on the message of his God-inspired lyrics.  The musical styles reflect Mr. Shepard’s knowledge of the combined historical genres of “rock” and Gospel. The musical combination will reach a diverse listening audience. I have this CD in my car and enjoy hearing God’s different message each time it plays.” Pernelkus-Nov 5, 2015
“This song has a great message in the lyrics. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys listening to praise and worship music. It has a fantastic, creative style, and the vocals harmonize beautifully. This is a song I could enjoy listening to anytime. It is inspirational and very encouraging and uplifting to listen to. I think it is a song everyone should have the chance to hear.” ReverbNation Crowd Review ‘Forever Praise You” -Feb 15, 2015
I like the rhythm of this song and it gives you really good vibes as well.The song is slow but it would be great to listen to with someone you love. The voice is great and so are the lyrics so i think this song could be very enjoyable to most people. I haven’t
heard anything like this it is very unique. This artist has good talent and it will be appreciated by many. The melody is very good and its radio worthy most definitely. A Grammy is coming this artists way!!!!” ReverbNation Crowd Review ‘Forever Praise You” -Feb 15, 2015




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Oct, 2014
It has been over two years in the making but it is finally here. Shepard’s Way is proud to announce the release of their new album BELIEVE.  Doug Shepard singer/songwriter of the band says this about their new album.
” Believe our new album is one that I am really proud of. I believe that the songs on this album will minister to a broad range of fans. The messages behind our music  is one that talks about love, hope, and forgiveness that can only be found in a relationship with Christ.”  
The new album BELIEVE from Shepard’s Way is now available on iTunes. Spread the message and ORDER your copy TODAY!!!


Feb, 2015
Shepard’s Way  teamed up with Diehl Production Studios to film a video for their first single release off of their latest CD Believe. The song is called ‘Forever Praise You.” Anna Martinez-Shepard singer/songwriter of the band elaborates on the process.
“Shooting our latest video was such a blast. I was amazed with how it all came together from finding our location, the  video crew, and our band. They all did such an amazing job. I really feel that this video will capture the message of our song ‘Forever Praise You’ and help convey it’s message of complete surrender in worship to Jesus.”
Look for Shepard’s Way to release their latest video “Forever Praise You” here soon.

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